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      Luisa Palazola

      CF has made me confront my own mortality. CF has made me confront mortality of those I love.
      CF has shown me depths of my insecurities and the ruthlessness of other people’s cruelty.
      My body has given me reason to hate it. With each ounce of blood that seeps from my lungs and into a porcelain white sink.

      My body has given me reason to not trust the place I call home

      My lungs have taught me what fear is

      My mind has become so restless by disappointment, hate, and fear cultivated by my body and lungs. That, it too, wanes in sickness.

      And sometimes, my mind’s whirlwind of emotions fail my body

      It’s a curious experience. But, with a little faith, you dare to experience:

      Living and being present in your moment.
      To laugh from your belly and to kiss the soul of life.
      To find awe in your self and the feats and barriers you’ve crossed. No matter how small they seem.

      To be proud of &
      to be gentle with
      the body and the mind that carry you day in and out.

      the body that gives you the opportunity to simply
      experience a genuine hug. to say I love you and to carry love out, and let it come within
      to feel the immensity of this Universe.
      and, simply to be

      cystic fibrosis, to me, is existing

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