AbbVie CF Scholarship Program Opens, Taking Applications Through May 24

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by Daniela Semedo, PhD |

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AbbVie CF scholarships

AbbVie is accepting applications for its 2017 AbbVie CF Scholarship program that helps to support outstanding young adults with cystic fibrosis (CF) as they pursue higher education.

A total of 40 scholarships, each worth $3,000, are available for the current 2017–18 academic year. Awards based on established criteria that includes academic record and community service, and an accompanying essay and a creative presentation. Applications from undergraduate and graduate students are being accepted online until May 24. Scholars will be notified on or around June 26.

In honor of the 25th year of the program, AbbVie CF Scholarship winners this year will also have a chance to compete for up to $25,000 to assist with education-related expenses. These additional awards are in two categories: Thriving Student Scholarships (two winners, determined by excellence based on level of study, either undergraduate or graduate), and one Blogger’s Choice Award that recognizes originality. The three winners will be announced in the fall.

“The 25th anniversary of the AbbVie CF Scholarship program reminds us of the remarkable advances in modern medicine that have helped to enable these inspiring students to reach their dreams of attending high school, college and beyond,” Jim Hynd, vice president, GI Care, AbbVie, said in a news release. “AbbVie is committed to continuing its support of students with CF as they work toward achieving their goals of higher education.”

Thriving Student Scholarships will be awarded two students also demonstrate solid academic achievement and creativity. Winners will, in part, be determined by public votes cast over a one-month period.

Submissions for the Blogger’s Choice Award will be evaluated by CF bloggers selected by AbbVie.

“Receiving the AbbVie CF Scholarship in 2016 helped ease the financial burden of pursuing a doctoral degree in teacher education — a career choice that empowers me to impart the value of hard work and determination on future teachers, who will touch the lives of countless students,” said Scott Gibbons, a 2016 Thriving Graduate Student and a doctoral student at the University of Cincinnati.

“The 25th anniversary of the scholarship program is particularly important to me as a teacher, because it reminds me how many inspiring students with CF have come before me — and how many students will come after me,” Gibbons added.

Recognizing the financial burden that exists for many families living with CF, the scholarship program honors those with the disease as they pursue their higher education dreams. So far, AbbVie has awarded more than $2.8 million in scholarship funds.

For more information, go to AbbVie CF Scholarships.