AffloVest Giveaways Helping to Support CF and Legacy Foundation, International Biophysics Says

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International Biophysics, the maker of AffloVest, announced that it is continuing to support people with cystic fibrosis and efforts to raise awareness about this disease, donating 50 of its airway clearance therapy vests to be distributed across the U.S.

AffloVests are being given away, one in each state, under the Texas-based company’s partnership with the Colton Underwood Legacy Foundation and the Legacy Project, according to a press release. The non-profit foundation works to help people with cystic fibrosis (CF), raising money to provide them with necessary equipment and other support, according to its website.

International Biophysics first partnered with the foundation in 2017, donating its mobile AffloVests to be given away at events and to individuals or groups selected by the foundation.

In cystic fibrosis, thick and sticky mucus accumulates in organs that include the lungs, making it difficult for patients to breathe. This buildup also increases the chances of bacterial infections, and persistent inflammation can further damage the lungs.

High-frequency chest wall oscillation (HFCWO) vests, like the AffloVest, are considered the standard of care in chest physical therapy to clear mucus buildup. They work to help loosen the mucus, so that it can be coughed up and removed.

A portable and battery-operated HFCWO vest, AffloVest uses oscillating motors that help to detach and clear mucus from the lung. It is the first HFCWO therapy that allows patients to be completely mobile during treatment, increasing their chances of adhering to the therapy. A doctor’s prescription is required for the use of AffloVest.

Clinical studies have shown that AffloVest use is effective in airway clearance, and improves lung function in patients with CF.

Since the project’s start, the partnership has brought an AffloVest to patients in eight states: California, Arizona, Colorado, Minnesota, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina, many going to a child there like 10-year-old Lillian Stringer of Illinois, who received her AffloVest in May 2018. The Stringers were chosen from 72 applicants, the foundation said.

“It just means that a lot of people care about me and really want me to get better,” Lillian said, who uses the vest in daily, half-hour mucus clearance therapy sessions, the foundation reported.

Applications and nominations are being accepted in a number of others states; information can be found here.

International Biophysics also teamed up with CBS Films to provide AffloVests for the movie “Five Feet Apart,” a story about two CF teenagers who fall in love after meeting a hospital. The movie is helping to raise awareness about the challenges faced by CF patients, including the risks of infection.

AffloVest is approved for reimbursement by Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance in the U.S. It is also approved for sale in the EU, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

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