My Fight Against Cystic Fibrosis iOS iPhone App Helps Patients Manage CF

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CFFIght1App Developer Brian King’s “My Fight Against Cystic Fibrosis” is a Cystic Fibrosis app that is 100 percent designed, developed, and programmed by a CFer.

King says the app’s mission is to provide the CF community with a useful tool and resource to help fight Cystic Fibrosis, in the hope that it will be beneficial to the patient population and bring a sense of communication and understanding among all CF patients, their families, and their doctors.

The CF App’s Features:

The app is organized into several key features that range from providing information about the disease and the latest and science and research news concerning Cystic Fibrosis therapies and treatments, to dynamic, interactive modules so that those with CF can keep track of their own treatment regimens and monitor their own health in real time. Some of the app’s features include:

General knowledge of the disease, treatments, and population statistics — helpful to have handy when talking about CF with those who do not have the disease and may not be familiar with it.

– An updated listing of the Latest Research for Cystic Fibrosis, chronicling current research findings, the latest experimental therapies, and clinical trials currently underway for testing new treatments for the disease.

– A CF Programs section, where the user can select any state they desire and access an updated list of CF-accredited clinical and health programs categorized by city of that state. Each listing in this section includes all of the information a patient would need to conduct initial research of a program, including a picture of the hospital, directors names, the phone number of the clinic, and the street address of the hospital, all of which are clickable, making it easy for mobile users to access locations via a maps application or their calling application.


– A Treatments section where the user can search and read about all available CF treatments on the market today, including airway clearance, oral, inhaled, and nasal sprays. Each listing includes pictures and detailed descriptions.

– A “My Regimen” section, where the user can create a custom daily medication schedule tailored to their specific needs. This section of the app also features the ability to click on a daily med list view, which can be easily shown to a physician at a CF clinic for a quick view of each medication, dosage, and frequency/day in a categorized list.

– A “My PFTs” section, where the user can input key health data about themselves, including their height, age, weight, and FEV1. The app compiles updates to this information over time and displays it in an easy-to-read graph format.

– The Grains of Salt section, which plays on the axiom, “take the advice with a grain of salt,” in an informative question and answer format. Essentially, this is a frequently asked questions, or “FAQ” about living with CF, which will grow over time as more and more CF patients and their families contribute to it. Each answer also includes a commentary from Brian King, who provides his advice or opinion on the matter.

– There’s also an “About This App” section where the user can read about the app, view the developer’s story, and see the updated history of the app. King shares his own personal life journey, which includes insights into some of the practices he has used to improve his overall health, such as the use of essential oils therapy, weightlifting, and bodybuilding.

– Finally, there is a Feedback section, where users can contribute new ideas and information to the app over time.

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King says inspiration for developing the app came at a point when he was at his sickest in the winter of 2014. Because of his struggles with the illness, he was motivated to learn app development and create an app designed specifically for Cystic Fibrosis patients. “I knew that I was struggling and wasn’t sure what to do about it. I was desperate to find a way to get better,” he explained recently to Cystic Fibrosis News, “so I began searching CF forums. It wasn’t necessarily the advice itself that motivated me, but more of talking to others that were similar to myself and praised me for what I was doing. That right there is what did it, seeing the power of communication and inspiration from others that motivated me to encourage this idea.”


The app also provides a direct link to King’s email, which is meant to offer a personalized, interactive, and friendly experience for the app user, so that they feel as though the app is more than just a piece of technology. Instead, King’s app is meant to be a dynamic experience for those who use it on a daily basis.

“I have always been into technology, especially phones,” King continues, “and loved the idea of having a career where I could work in or out of the hospital, sick or not. What was even bigger than that idea, was to do it in such a way that it would actually help others rather than only provide entertainment. So I thought of what I know and what has helped me the most, and I wanted to provide the community with the same available resources I had, but all in the same location — the palm of your hand. That is why I not only aspired to learn app development but to create my first app for the Cystic Fibrosis community.”

He describes what he’s come up with as “an app to bring an abundance of information, communication, and helpful resources to all the CF community to provide them with relief through the sickest times, and praise through the good times. That being said, you bet, if possible, there will be a forum coming to the app.”

King says he plans to maintain the app, take in user feedback, and update the app to optimize it for patients’ needs and requests. He notes one advantage of his app over others with a similar design is that it is designed, developed, and programmed entirely by a CFer. It is this difference that King believes allows his app to be more in tune with the needs of those with Cystic Fibrosis than others on the iTunes platform.

In short, the My Fight Against Cystic Fibrosis app is meant to help each patient in their fight against the disease and help them manage their medication regimens, as well as have an abundance of information regarding Cystic Fibrosis in the palm of their hand. The app currently requires iOS 8.0 or later, and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and optimized for iPhone 5 and 6. Brian King says an iOS 7.1.2 compatible version is coming soon. It sells for $1.99 on the Apple App Store.

Brian King says he believes his app has “a ton of potential,” and cannot only help manage the patients health but also really improve the knowledge and communication between Cystic Fibrosis patients and their families.

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