4 Webcasts About Lung Transplantations

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Some cystic fibrosis patients may be advised that if their lung function declines too much, they may need to consider having a lung transplant. In this series of webcasts from the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, various aspects of lung transplantation are examined, which will help you understand the process and answer any questions you may have.


In this webcast titled Partnering For Care When Considering a Lung Transplant, Leslie Hazel, director of patient resources for the organization, speaks to Dr. Michael Boyle and Dr. Peter Mogayzel from the John Hopkins Hospital about the questions you should ask your cystic fibrosis care team before you consider a lung transplant and the things that you need to consider before undergoing the procedure. The two doctors talk about the aftercare needed following a lung transplant, the life expectancy following a lung transplant and when the right time for a lung transplant is.

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In this webcast titled Lung Transplant – The Evaluation Process, Melissa Chin, clinical program specialist for the CFF talks to Dr. Jordan Duntiz from the University of Minnesota about how a patient is evaluated for lung transplantation and some of the things a cystic fibrosis patient can do to make themselves a better candidate for the procedure.

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In this webcast titled Lung Transplantation: Risks, Benefits and Care, Leslie Hazel, director of patient resources for the organization talks to Dr. Joe Pilewski from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center about the risks associated with lung transplants, the benefits of having a lung transplant and the care needed following the procedure for patients with cystic fibrosis.

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In this webcast titled Lung Transplant – The Patient’s Perspective, Melissa Chin, clinical program specialist for the CFF talks to adult patient and lung transplant recipient James Watson and Dr. Jennifer Taylor-Cousar from the National Jewish Medical and Research Center. The trio discusses lung transplants from a cystic fibrosis patient’s perspective including aftercare, prognosis, and quality of life improvement following a lung transplant.

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