Makeup Artist With Cystic Fibrosis Shares Positive Goodbye Message

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Maybe I’ve known you my whole life, maybe I’ve known you for 10 years, maybe I’ve known you for only a short while, but in just over a week I will never know you again, I will never see your face again, I will never talk to you, touch you, hold you, ever again. But I will always love you, and the friendships we built, and the memories we made. Every single person who has come and gone from my life has been and gone for a reason and I’m the most blessed person to have lived this incredible life that I have. So thank you to all of you who have been apart of my journey in this crazy world. Whether you made my moments good or bad, you made me into the women I am today. Things do not always turn out how you plan in life, there are some really huge things that I will never have, places I’ll never go and things I’ll never live to see. But I’ll be watching. Always. Smiling. Because I was here. I will never give up. As I never have. Now I’m just simply letting go. Details of my funeral will be posted once everything has been organised. Please don’t be sad for me. All I wish is to be remembered as the girl who brightened your day at least once. And please I beg you to live your life to absolute fullest. ? -N x

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Yahoo Australia broke the heartbreaking story that Brisbane-based makeup artist Nardya Miller was closing her beauty business because doctors had told her she only had a few days left to live.

“Conquer” is a music video by Rivrrs which aims to raise awareness of cystic fibrosis.

The cystic fibrosis patient received a double lung transplant in 2014, but now her body is rejecting the organs. In a bid to say thank you to everyone before she passes, the 25-year-old took the time to announce on her Facebook page her devastating situation.

Ms. Miller left a poignant and heartfelt message to all of her family, friends, and customers telling them how much she loved and appreciated them and the time they spent together, urging them all to live their lives to the fullest. Read more about this moving story here.

Cystik1 talks about what cystic fibrosis means to him, not the medical side of the disease, but the emotional toll it takes.

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