5 Areas of Cystic Fibrosis Management for Children

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A cystic fibrosis diagnosis can be frightening and you may feel overwhelmed by all the information that comes with it. Caring for a child with cystic fibrosis has its challenges, but there are healthcare professionals and non-profit organizations that are available to help.

Cystic fibrosis management can be broken down into different areas, so we’ve put together a list of these areas using information from the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Healthcare Team

There are more than 120 cystic fibrosis care centers around the country which have been accredited by the CF Foundation. These care centers will have all the healthcare professionals necessary to look after your child following a cystic fibrosis diagnosis.

Your child will have regular check-ups with their care team where they will have their lung function tested and be prescribed any necessary medications and other treatments.

Early CF Detection


As well as taking medication, your child will need to have daily airway clearance sessions to help loosen mucus from the chest. Your healthcare team will train you how to do this effectively and explain how any medications, inhalers, and nebulizers work and how they should be used.

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nutrition and CF


Many children with cystic fibrosis will be unable to absorb many of the nutrients from food because their pancreas doesn’t produce enough digesting enzymes. This means that many CF patients will need to take enzyme supplements before eating meals and snacks.

In addition, they will need to consume more calories than other children their age and will need a diet that is high in fat, protein, minerals and vitamins.

Staying Healthy

Because of the extra mucus in their lungs, children with cystic fibrosis are very prone to lung infections. This means that you and your child will need to take extra care with hygiene and avoiding other germs.

Washing hands regularly, staying away from people who are sick, using sterilizing inhalers and other equipment, avoiding dirt and soil, and not sharing personal items are all ways that your child can avoid germs.

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pediatric CF treatment

Everyday Life

For most children with cystic fibrosis, everyday life will be much the same as children who don’t have the condition with the exception of daily airway clearance and medications. They will be able to participate fully in school life, play sports, make friends, travel, go to college and enjoy life.

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