CF Foundation Continues Free Access to Online Exercise Platform

CF Foundation Continues Free Access to Online Exercise Platform

Thanks to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF), people with cystic fibrosis (CF) in the United States will receive free access to the online wellness and exercise platform Beam through the end of this year.

“Wellness plays a critical role in an individual’s quality of life no matter what challenges they are facing, and our goal is to help all people with CF to not simply survive but thrive,” Sue Sullivan, CFF´s senior director and head of community partnerships, said in a CFF press release.

The platform is dedicated to people with health conditions such as CF, kidney disease and prostate cancer, among others, and its goal is to motivate people to exercise to improve their well-being.

Exercise has multiple beneficial effects on people with health conditions. It not only strengthens muscles and lungs, but it also improves mental health and overall quality of life. Katie Bell and Pamela Scarborough had this in mind when they founded Beam. The CFF launched the pilot program in the U.S. with Beam in 2019, and so far more than 800 people with CF have used the platform.

Beam platform offers a wide range of content and services. Users can join online live training sessions or on-demand classes with specialized trainers or physical therapists, who may have CF themselves.

“Our collaboration with Beam provides adults living with CF the opportunity to explore what wellness means to them, and offers classes to help users from all backgrounds, at all levels of fitness. We are excited to continue supporting free access to this important resource for the CF community,” said Sullivan.

Patients on Trikafta (an approved CF therapy marketed by Vertex Pharmaceuticals), who want to start exercising also can follow a tailored program on Beam.

For those who are looking for emotional support, Beam holds workshops, yoga sessions and connects people with the CF community. On-demand classes also are available with educational content about exercise and living with CF.

The CFF said no promo code is required for free access, At Beam’s homepage participants may sign up by clicking on “Get Started” and proceed with the registration process. After completion, a pop-up window will confirm that free access has been granted.

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