31 Days of CF: My Tattoos Helped to Heal My Insecurity

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31 Days of CF

Photo courtesy of Chase Nichols

Day 23 of 31

This is Chase Nichols’ story:

Insecurity. Not quite the word that most people who look at me would associate with me. But they would be wrong, at least for the most part.

Growing up with cystic fibrosis made me feel a lot of different ways about myself. As much as I’d like to think not, insecurity still plays a huge part in who I am, but it’s one of the biggest things I try not to think about much anymore. Because the growth that I have had over my years with CF has correlated a lot with what I see in the mirror.

The way I have made myself look over the years has been a very important part of who I am, and how I view myself — from my ears, my body, my hair, and especially my tattoos. My tattoos are the biggest expression of myself and have given me the absolute biggest self-confidence. The slow process of becoming the man I was always supposed to be, has and always will start in the mirror.

I am also so grateful for all of the people, artists, writers, and philosophers that have made me who I am, and they will continue to inspire me every day, to be a better man than I was yesterday. You are the hope in me that has allowed me to kick CF’s ass for all of these years. I love you all, and cannot wait to see what the next several years have to offer!

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