31 Days of CF: Working Out a Way to Not Waste Away

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31 Days of CF

Photo courtesy of Julia Mahoney

Day 12 of 31

This is Julia Mahoney’s story:

Bombs. That’s what CF means to me. I was in sheer denial, wasting away, sitting at 18% lung function. I needed new lungs and it didn’t resonate with me. 

Back in 2016, I had a wake-up call and nearly bled out of my lungs in an intensive care unit. As soon as I woke up in a groggy state on a ventilator, I knew I had to make a few changes if I wanted to see my 25th birthday.

I had already undergone a liver transplant at eight years old and didn’t want to succumb to another one. I was on Orkambi, a brand new CFTR drug, and my lung function rose a little bit, but 34% just wasn’t enough. 

Reluctant but determined, I attended the gym daily with jeers and taunts about my decaying frame, aggressively coughing and gasping for air in between my sets. Slowly but surely… I made progress. I went from 80 pounds to 90. I was slamming back protein shakes and shaking up the classic CF diet to more nutrient-dense foods, although still high in calories.

I eventually underwent a metamorphosis and no longer was forced to undergo a lifesaving transplant. I was at 100 pounds and held a lung function of 44%. I persisted daily — attending the gym while striving to earn a bachelor’s degree. 

Flash forward five years later and Trikafta arrived. It was a life-changing event.

With Trikafta alone, I rose to 56% lung function and 120 pounds. I was able to move out for the first time ever and attend grad school. I never stopped working out though.

After being on Trikafta for a solid year and working out for four and a half years, I contracted Covid-19. And while it was not a fun time, I did really well with it. I even fought off my first cold without IV meds after Covid.

I just had my lung function re-tested and even with all of these major hurdles, I am now at 62% lung function, and you better believe I’m moving towards the 70s, one weight at a time.

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