Learning to Embrace My Poor Unfortunate Holes

“Everybody’s gross.” It’s a motto that I live by, as well as the opening number of my original musical comedy about a girl with cystic fibrosis, “Fall Risk.” Cystic fibrosis (CF) patients have an unfortunate amount of mucus that overwhelms our entire bodies. This leads to excessive…

Marriage Isn’t Hard Just Because I’m Sick

I wish someone actually talked about marriage. And not just marriage to a sick person, though I am one. And not just how to fix a marriage. I don’t want someone to offer advice on what I’m doing wrong (plenty). I just want someone to talk about it honestly. I’ve…

Unbearable Medical Costs Are a Systemic Injustice for the Disabled

My message is simple: It is a systemic injustice, even ableist, to heap unbearable financial burdens on people with disabilities (PwD). Before I continue: This column doesn’t critique political parties or provide solutions; it raises red flags so others are mobilized to finding solutions. This column focuses on issues…

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Don’t Overlook Emotional Wellness When Dealing With Chronic Illness

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Living with a chronic illness can affect emotional wellness, writes columnist Lara Govendo, who offers up some ideas for managing both.

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