Life in the Grey – a Column by Bailey Anne Vincent

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Bailey is a Deaf 34-year-old with atypical cystic fibrosis. She has been a journalist, columnist, and novelist for almost two decades, but is also an altruist, feminist and narcissist who likes to ask for “fatty sushi” that’s not on the menu (it’s cream cheese, egg and avocado, respectively). She is artistic director of the body-positive dance company Company 360 in Virginia, as well as a professional dancer, choreographer, and homeschooling mother of two girls. As a formally misdiagnosed mutant, she hopes to raise awareness of atypical CFTR disease and help anyone who isn’t genetically in the black or white feel less alone. For more on her activism or art, please see

Lying Is Good for My Health

I am a liar. OK, not in a bad way. As an actual profession, I am a liar. As a professional dancer, it’s my job to “lie” to the audience in show after show by transforming into an entirely different character.

Being a Patient AND a Person is Impossible

“You should write about how it’s impossible to have a life and be sick at the same time.” This is what my partner said this morning, after asking him what the heck my column should be about this week. Honestly, as a mother of two girls, ages…