The Isolation of Self-employment Is Worse with CF

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by Elly Aylwin-Foster |

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Working remotely can compound effects of CF.

Loneliness is a killer.

It’s perhaps not something those of us with life-limiting physical conditions spend much time thinking about. But the statistics are convincing. In the U.K., women aged 18-24 are at high risk of loneliness. Those suffering from loneliness are more likely to experience depression and even to die young. According to social researcher Holt-Lunstad, loneliness, and the poor social connections that often come with it, are as bad for our health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Statistics in North America are worryingly similar.

I’ve said it before, you’d be hard-pressed to find cuddlier colleagues than my two feline co-workers. They are enthusiastic collaborators, adding their thoughts to my laptop keyboard generously. They also let me know when it’s time for a break, most often a break to refill their food bowl. However, I can’t help but dwell on the contrast of my working environment from last week to today.

Any excuse to include a photo of my cats; introducing April the Siamese cross (and female footballer). (Photo by Elly Aylwin-Foster)

Last week, I was in Barcelona for a pharmaceutical conference.  Over a thousand people working across health care attended. I met hundreds of individuals dedicated to advancing medicine, improving collaboration with patients, and transforming an industry in desperate need of innovation.

I saw the patient-led agenda that I, and the rest of the im-patient committee, created start some of the best conversations of the event. And I met amazing patient advocates who taught me the reality of living with other conditions, such as ataxia, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, and Parkinson’s. It was inspiring.

Today I am back to my desk at home, alone, with a long list of connections to follow up and projects to push on with. It does feel a little lonely.

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The isolation of self-employment or remote working is something that receives little coverage, but with an estimated 50.9 percent of the American workforce freelancing by 2027, it is a growing problem. But how does this work-related seclusion pair with the reality of having cystic fibrosis, a notoriously isolating condition, thanks to the 6 feet apart rule?

I didn’t realize until leaving an office environment how much I relied on the daily interactions on my commute and with co-workers to shore up my mental well-being and feel connected. It’s always disappointing to miss events or friend’s birthday celebrations because of exacerbation, or simply exhaustion at the end of the working week. But I at least used to have the consolation of spending my working hours with colleagues I counted as friends.

Despite the introspection of this week’s column, I’d like to end on an optimistic note. Companies like BioNews Services — the parent organization of CF News Today — help with the unique isolation CF brings in more ways than one. It not only connects me with other remote working professionals but it also links me with a community of CF professionals (not to mention columnists with other rare diseases). It’s a wonderful feeling, knowing that even on the lonely days, there is a network of people across the globe who understand every facet of the isolation that comes with being a working adult with CF.


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