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      Day 13 of 31 Days of CF
      Topic: I’ve Found My Home with a CF Partner

      “Each day feels like a miracle and I’m happy to have the chance to share life with the two most beautiful girls I know.” — Randy Hank

      Read Randy’s full (and amazing) story here or here.

      Our favorite forum friends might love to know this: But Randy is our Jenny Livingston’s love! [Our forum moderator] As Randy reveals in this article… Jenny talked about her CF on the first date.

      If you could go back in time and meet your love again, or find a forever love in general… Would you talk about CF on the first date, or would you consider differently?

      What is the longest you’ve ever gone before explaining your CF?

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      Paul met Debbie

        Ah, that sounds like a beautiful account of true love! Randy is a wise and lucky man. Life is a miracle indeed. And what a great picture!

        I can’t remember ever talking about cf as a special subject to anyone, Debbie included. Things might have come up in conversation naturally, when appropriate and comfortable, matter-of-factly. Since cf was never an important part of my own experience of being, it never was in my relations either. And words are the most inconvenient means of expressing anything true. In a relationship, things show naturally and gradually. And besides, I don’t consider myself to be an expert on cf, only because I seem to have it. I only know a little about some aspects of cf that seem to pertain to me, and practice and theory widely differ in cf most of the times. Cf is just one of the surprises of life.
        So Debbie and I never consider cf an important part of our experience together. It’s just the body, with the do’s and don’ts that belong to it. We handle it as needed and things happen as they do. It doesn’t affect our being.

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