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      Bailey Vincent

      If you could have an adult Make a Wish… What would it be?

      This question is almost too tempting for me. Since my partner lost his job during the pandemic + I’ve been sidelined due to risk and recovery + and his new job doesn’t earn the same as his last, we are right back into our restless cycle.

      We seem to rebuild, relapse, repeat when it comes to financial earnings, and the reality that he (a special education teacher) and I (an arts educator and writer, when I can) are not meant to be the Rockafellers. Although I was forced to file for medical bankruptcy some time ago, the new medical bills are just as crushing, and we can never seem to catch up. A car breaks. A necessary treatment arises. A grocery bill appears. And onward.

      Although we are “lucky” (in a weird way?) to be eligible for some healthcare and food-related aid lately, due to how little we are earning… We feel like failures again and again and again.

      This means that, when considering this hopeful and happy question (completely inspired by my co-moderator Jenny, last week)… I am left with a fair amount of grief instead. If we could have a wish-making system for adults, I would without a doubt say: To finally pay off my medical bills and debt, and be able to stay afloat.

      It’s really that simple. I’d love to be able to exist without fear and rationing all the time, whether that meant my husband finally having a job that pays enough to make up for not being a two-income household (he even has his college degree), or just some sort of Fairy Godmother Pay Off program… Anything would be a breath of fresh air!

      Or, I guess in that regard, I’d even say: “To own our home”… so we could save on rent, and feel stable and solid for a change.

      But if it HAD to be something fun and frivolous, I would say: To go on a week long trip to Europe (or to leave the country at all!) Because of finances haunting my life since I was a teenager and young mom, I have literally never left the country. My kids came first, and then health took control. Even though I’ve fought through like 30-something surgeries over the years, I’ve never had a celebratory tour of any kind. An “I’m still alive and want to enjoy it!” moment. That would, frankly, be the dream. Even just a day or two.

      What about you?

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      Paul met Debbie

      “Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake” (Thoreau).

      I would wish for everyone to be able to fulfill their well chosen dreams.

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