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      Jenny Livingston

      Piggybacking on Bailey’s recent post about attitudes toward schooling, I wanted to dive into more of the logistical side of things. As I weigh the pros and cons of sending my daughter back to school this fall, I’m really struggling. This is NOT an easy decision to make!

      The situation isn’t helped by the fact that our school district hasn’t yet released their plans. We have a statewide school mask mandate, but there has been intense pushback from parents. There are many people in my little community who don’t want their children to wear masks or practice distancing measures in school. Even if the best of preventative measures were implemented (which I am NOT confident they will be) I am not certain I’d send my daughter back. At this point, there is still so much to consider.

      What are your thoughts? Does your school district have a preliminary plan? Are you going to choose homeschool or an online option instead of in-person learning? What are the pros and cons for your family? 

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      Christina Kolassa

      I have been told that my kids were going to die from the day they were born. I have 2 kids with CF. So for the last 18 years that’s something I’ve had to deal with. Now since the discovery of the drug Trikafta, the death card has been removed from the table. I am wholeheartedly going to continue along the path of happiness and no fear and send my kids to in-person school as soon as possible. I am tired of living in fear and Trikafta has removed fear for me!

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      Jenny Livingston

      I can feel your fearlessness as I read this, Christina! Trikafta is indeed doing some amazing things! Woohoo!

      I am still undecided, as I mentioned in the original post, mostly because so few people in my geographic area are taking it seriously. I don’t like the thought of sending her to school with people who don’t believe there’s ANY reason to be even slightly concerned or careful.

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