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      Jenny Livingston

      This article was recently shared by CF News Today and I really wanted to talk about it here. I’ve heard of “phage therapy” off and on for the last several years, but this is the first time I’ve read of it resulting in the total eradication of antibiotic-resistant lung infection. CFTR modulators have garnered so much attention in recent years (for good reason), but other areas of research are ongoing and continue to be beneficial.

      Have you heard of phage therapy? If you had the need and were given the chance, is this a form of treatment you would consider? What are your thoughts?

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      Paul met Debbie
      • This is a promising therapy that has been developped and known for decades in the former soviet union, driven by a lack of many of the antibiotics of the free Western world. Currently, Russia, Georgia and Poland are known centers for phage development and use.
      • I would  certainly consider phage therapy if needed. It seems to be very effectieve, safe, more precise and possibly cheaper than antibiotics development.
      • However, it is difficult to predict if this will be picked up by modern farma industry in our part of the world, since it is very complicated to patent these phages because they are life stock in stead of a chemical product.
      • In this particular case the article is about, I have my doubts though what caused the eradication of the infection in this patient, the phage therapy or the start of Trikafta, since they seem to coincide perfectly.


      Thanks for picking this up, Jenny, very interesting!

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      Paul met Debbie

      I found a good article by Kelly Todd about the difficulties in patenting phages.


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