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      Jenny Livingston

      My I’m curious to know, do you have tattoos? If so, have any of them been inspired by CF?

      I have several tattoos, 3 of which are related to CF. On my arm, I have the saying “Dum Spero Spiro” (Latin for while I breathe, I hope) written in script. I also have my genetic mutation tattooed on my wrist which has been by far the biggest catalyst for having random conversations about CF (“What do those numbers mean?”). I also have a cherry blossom piece on my ankle which symbolizes the transience of life — something that CF has amplified my awareness of.

      If you have any CF tattoos, I would love to hear about them!

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      Paul met Debbie

      This asks for pictures 😉

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      Paul met Debbie

      No tattoos here, sorry Jenny. CF-related or not – none. It never came on my way to get one. But you made me think, and sharing so generously of your own tattoos, I feel I must give back something. So, if I were to get one, what to choose?

      Probably not a CF tattoo at all, because I don’t feel this to be such an important part of my life. And not on a visible spot, because I wouldn’t want people to start talking about it all the time. So, our ways part here, although I much admire your choice in the other two tattoos you mentioned. But still, are there other possibilities?

      I am a bit reluctant about the indelible character of a tattoo, so this makes me want one that has a timeless nature, to make it feel okay the rest of my life. Not the name of some idol, because my opinions might change in time. Or anything else that is depending on taste or thought or feeling, because they are so fleeting. Unless of course it – as said – would be a timeless thought or feeling.

      Something with Nature perhaps, or Love, or Eternity, Infinity. Something small, that normally would hide under my cloths. So, the butt would be a good place I guess.
      Browsing through pictures of butt-tattoo’s on google proved not very inspirational though. I saw many enormous tattoo’s. Or some that were so small that they were almost invisible against the background of an awful lot of skin. This made me decide that the tattoo, although small, should have color at least, to stand out a bit. Arrived at this stage of deliberation, I slowly felt myself sinking into the (rabbit) hole. I even came along a page that was named “35 sexy butt tattoos that will have you feeling positively peachy” – but the peachy feeling didn’t quite arrive. How come?

      Looking at all those pictures, I found out that the pivotal factor in having an attractive butt-tattoo, is having an attractive butt. Many I saw didn’t meet this standard in my eyes. And I am not sure how I would rate my own one, this is a difficult thing to do. To mention one reason, it is not easy to get a good view of one’s own but standing in front of a mirror. One needs several mirrors to get an overview of the litigious body parts in full glory, but this set up is not available in our bedroom. I could have asked Debbie to photograph my butt and admire it on the screen, but you never know where pictures like these will once turn up in your life, even after “deleting” them digitally. Someone might un-delete them long after I die. Or even before I die. This doesn’t feel secure. And the second reason is, it is difficult to rate my own exterior anyway. I am not very objective. But perhaps Debbie might say some comforting words about my gluteus maximus if I asked, to overcome this hurdle.

      Setting aside the problem of private butt-beauty, what sign would I then prefer? Perhaps the Infinity-sign? No, too small and boring. One of Debbie’s paintings perhaps? No, that would be sacrilege. The OM-sign perhaps? Yes, this last one feels slightly okay. It has a nice form in Sanskrit, and it could also be in colors. It would convey my realization of Wholeness in an attractive way.

      I found a lot of pictures of OM-tattoos on the internet, but not many were on butts. So, it would be an elite tattoo as well. Which immediately poses a problem, because Wholeness is about losing the person and its craving for status or uniqueness. Perhaps I can have this sign of Wholeness tattooed with invisible ink? Oh, wait, I forgot, it’s already there. It covers the entire thing in a beautiful pink.

      Wow, back to the drawing board again. The jury is still out. No tattoo for me yet. But when I find a suitable one, you will be the third one to know.

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