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      Jenny Livingston

      “Compass is a personalized service to help you with the insurance, financial, legal, and other issues you are facing. A dedicated, knowledgeable CF Foundation case manager is ready to work with you, one-on-one. This expert guidance is available to anyone with CF, their family, and their care team, regardless of income or insurance status, and is free and confidential.” CF Foundation website 

      I’ve heard about Compass. I’ve referred people to Compass probably a dozen times. But I had never personally used Compass until recently and, can I just tell you… I was not disappointed.

      I recently had an insurance scare and thought that I might be needing to make some significant changes. I was having a hard time understanding how insurance companies coordinated benefits, what the cost of switching plans might be, and how well my potential new insurance would cover my needs. The world of health insurance can be overwhelming and terrifying.

      I called Compass and within minutes, my mind was put at ease. I was told, “we won’t tell you what choice to make, but we can help you gather all the information you need to make a well-informed decision.” And they delivered on that promise!

      Thankfully, we figured things out and I won’t be needing to make any changes right now. But I’m so glad I called Compass and received some much-needed help gathering information. If you find yourself in a situation like mine, don’t hesitate to reach out. It was a very helpful and painless experience! I’m incredibly grateful that we have these resources for our community!

      Had you previously heard of Compass? Have you ever utilized this service? Have you ever faced scary or complicated changes in health insurance and wished you had someone to help walk you through them?


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      Paul met Debbie

      This would be great to have. Recently I am trying to figure out some insurance and income issues that came up after we started thinking of moving. I will find my way and answers anyway, but I have been through so many different official pigeonholes that I really have to focus to keep the overview. I wonder how I would have fared  if my condition would not have so good as it recently is. Many phone calls and emails still to go I fear.

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        Jenny Livingston

        Paul, this was originally posted nearly two years ago, but I have utilized Compass multiple times since then. They’ve continued to be such a helpful resource.

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