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      Luisa Palazola

      Last night I was sharing my thoughts on Instagram stories, as I often do. I began reminiscing about childhood and all the things I used to innocently think. It started a dialogue with my CF friends, and we began sharing things related to how we saw CF when we were little, here are two of my absurd childhood thoughts:

      1. I was diagnosed late with CF at ten years old, and for the most part — everything before that, I was relatively healthy. So, I remember when I was about 7 or 8, my younger brother had his tonsils removed, and had an overnight hospital stay. In my mind, I remember being absolutely fascinated and almost envious of his IV that he had, I thought it was so neat. I also remember him getting some neat toys in what our children’s hospital called the “Bunny Room,” which was the room right before surgery that had all sorts of toys for kids to pick from to calm their nerves.

      I didn’t know that I would have my own fair share of toys from the bunny room, and plenty of experience with peripherals.

      2. In fifth grade, when I was eleven, I had never had an admission. I had been diagnosed with CF and was aware of my disease, but never had an admission. So, one day, one of my classmates had been admitted to the hospital for asthma related complications. She recovered and on the day she came back to school, she brought her empty liquids bag from her IVs, for a sort of show and tell. And, I remember thinking to myself “This should be me giving this show and tell..” LOL

      So, here are a few ways life has a way of coming full circle, and bringing you things that you both wanted nor never expected. Do you have any stories for your childhood? What’re they?

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      Jenny Livingston

      I used to be soooo jealous that my older sister got to drink Ensure. She really needed the extra calories, and I didn’t. My family had financial assistance to get Ensure for her, but it wasn’t enough for the rest of us kids to indulge in what we thought was a delicious treat. Flash forward about 20 years to when I had to drink entire cases of it to maintain my weight (particularly in the hospital). Thankfully this isn’t an issue for me anymore, but for several years I remember thinking, “why in the world did I EVER want to drink this??”

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