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      Jenny Livingston

      As mentioned in a post I made yesterday, my daughter had her second dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine yesterday. She tolerated the first well, with no side effects. This time, she wasn’t so lucky, although the side effects are due to her immune response, which means her body is doing exactly what it should. She woke up early this morning feeling nauseous and vomited once. Throughout the day, she’s had a headache off and on and just now spiked a low grade fever. All of these things are to be expected and none of it is concerning, though I had wished she’d sail through like she did with her first dose.

      I share here since several of us have talked about our experiences as adults getting the vaccine, but I don’t believe we’ve talked about any pediatric experiences yet. Of course, we know that side effects can and will vary by person, but having this forum to talk and compare and learn has been helpful for me.

      Each step toward better immunity brings me peace. The Delta variant is running rampant in my area and we are seeing as many cases now than we did during our biggest previous spikes. In our state (Utah) over the weekend, our Governor announced that there were no ICU beds available in the entire state. NONE.

      How are you faring when it comes to COVID? How is your mental health doing during this time of increased transmission? Is your area in lockdown, or what is being done to mitigate risk?

      I genuinely apologize if you’re burned out on talk of COVID, but it seems like circumstances are changing so quickly and this forum has been a comfortable place for me discuss this.

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      Paul met Debbie

      Vaccination is going slower now, because most of the 18+ group that wanted a vaccine, has been fully served in the Netherlands. Efforts are being made to also include the people that so far were not convinced and didn’t apply for a vaccination. And also those between 12 and 17 are eligible for a shot now. This means that on primary schools the virus can still find its way and produce mutations, but the vaccines so far are not approved for those younger than 12.

      There are still a lot of infections going on, about 2500 per day, but hospitalizations have not risen lately so vaccination seems to protect sufficiently against that, even when almost all of the infections are of the delta variant. There seems to be consent that a booster shot is, at this moment, not necessary or advisable.

      We feel we have done everything to mitigate the risk of serious illness by getting our vaccination and still are doing everything to prevent from getting infected. Distancing, wearing a decent mask when inside with other people, minimizing time inside as much as possible etc. This gives peace of mind so that we can live life as we want to and not be too distracted by the covid thing. We always take care of our mental and physical health as good as possible and nothing has changed in that.

      I think we have to get comfortable co-existing with this new virus, make some behavioral changes, and try to live a more natural and healthy life.

      Avoid stress, eat and sleep well, watch the mind and have a good laugh as much as possible. And a lot of love.

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