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      Elizabeth Knight lives with cystic fibrosis and seizures. Although she’s always had CF, she began having seizures after a car accident and subsequent head injury in January 2019. No amount of medications or tests helped.

      Eventually an idea popped into Elizabeth’s head. She did a ton of research and talked about it with her CF doctor. He and her team agreed. Elizabeth’s quality of life at that time was greatly diminished. She relied completely on her caregiver and significant other, Antonio. What was this idea? A service dog.

      Finding a service dog proved to be extremely tough, yet Elizabeth found a way to achieve her dream: find a dog she wouldn’t be allergic to, and send that dog to training school.

      Piper, Elizabeth’s standard poodle, has changed her life. Piper is still in training, but she has helped where modern medicine couldn’t.

      Elizabeth, we are so happy you found Piper, the miracle you so deserved!

      Now back to our CF Community: Do you have a service dog? If not, how about a supportive pet?

      To read the rest of Elizabeth’s story, and learn more about how Piper came into her life, click here.

      Our #31DaysOfCF initiative is running for the entire month of May. Each day, we are featuring a different story, and a different view of life with CF. To read all of the stories, visit our website.

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      Paul met Debbie

      Animals are our friends on this planet. They have been assisting our pour species for millions of years doing the hard work for which we are not strong enough, feeding and clothing us (alas) and being great company (yeah!). We are eternally indebted to them. Incredibly so, most Animals are very friendly and benevolent to us. We only seldomly return the favour. Only our pets get what they deserve, our protection, love and gratitude. Most of the other Animals we exploit, enslave or kill and eat.  In the Western world, dogs are often treated reasonaby well, fortunately . They are truly man’s best friend. In this regard, all dogs are service dogs.

      We had dogs most of our lifes. They are great company and adapt very well to our weird human habits and way of life. They even learn our language and are in tune with our emotions. They are very intelligent and wise, much more so than we. It is unfathomable what our dog is able to understand and empathize with. She surprises us every moment. Also, she gives the perfect example of how to live without cenceptualizing, judging, comparing, competing or complaining. She always complies happily to what life presents to us, and never takes anything personally. As long as she can share our lifes, food and love, she is perfectly happy and always shares her love and Total Being with us.

      Caring for a dog or other animal brings out the best in us. It teaches us love, joy, compassion, empathy, and to feel the equality and interdependence of nature. It shows us who we really are beyond our egoic minds: an emanation of Nature, a feature of the Whole. We are not separate, and when we look into each others eyes and in the eyes of Animals, this is most obvious.


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      Jenny Livingston

      While none of them are trained service animals, all of my pets are supportive and loving. Being a pet owner has always been something I enjoy deeply. Animals are such treasures!

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