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      Bailey Vincent

      Hello CF Squad! I have missed you so! Even though our amazing Jenny has been manning the forums the last couple of days post holiday break, I’ve been a few days behind her in return, mostly due to the fact that I “blew out” my back while brushing my teeth.

      Yes, while brushing my teeth. I was in the bathroom on an ordinary evening, about to return to busy life per usual, and felt this awful POP inside my cervical spine after taking a deep breath, and… well, could barely move for days. Eek!

      Considering I had spine surgery a few months ago and am riding the roller coaster of up-and-down recovery (re-injury after re-injury), this one really weirded me out because… how do I avoid this again? Do I stop brushing my teeth? Or breathing?

      Sometimes, health things happen that we simply can’t control or avoid or “learn from”, and it’s made me wonder:

      Do you ever get medically superstitious?

      For example, do you avoid an activity, or space or place, simply because something out of your control occurred last time your did or tried those things?

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      Jenny Livingston

      The two times I’ve thrown my back out were 1) while sneezing and 2) while cleaning the toilet bowl. Both of these instances led to 5-6 weeks of pain and healing, which is just bizarre to em. Back injuries are so painful and happen at the slightest misstep (or, you know, sneeze).

      I don’t envy you! Injury after injury has got to be incredibly frustrating! In response to your question, I can’t think of any places or things I avoid (as you said, some things simply cannot be avoided). I did, however, want to express my sympathy and empathy for your current situation.

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      John F Schroeder

      WOW that’s scary! Hope you find a solution soon! Backs are weird! I have had a “Bad back” due to an inury I had when I was 13 in 1956 or so. Fortunately Physical Therpy and some asprin and other NSAIDS etc over the years, have kept me doing ok.

      Scarystuff! I hope your dics find a solution for you Bailey.

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      John F Schroeder

      Hi Bailey

      I saw your response in an update that was sent to me! Understand completeley – Which Do I DO??? While the docs know a lot more about backs and how to help with back issues, there’s stll a lot to learn and it’s sooo frustrating to be in pain and relly not know what to do 🙁 Hope you heal soon!

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