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      I wrote about feeling grateful for “time off” during this socially distanced moment in life… but feel guilty about doing so. Since there is so much fear and turmoil in the world right now, I hate that I’m actually happy to have time to heal and be at home. It feels selfish.

      Do you wish life would go back to the way it was at the end of this, or do you hope we keep some of the slower pace?

      I am curious how the new pace of life has impacted most of us, and what you will change about your own. Honestly, I really hope that on the other side, I can return back to dance but keep everything else in our life slightly slower. I don’t miss rushing around without having time to eat… coming home late at night… and having a hard time saying “no” to things. If I could, I’d only jump back in to life 50%, and keep the other 50% at a less challenging speed.

      What about you?

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      Jenny Livingston

        This speaks to me, Bailey! I’ve frequently found myself saying that many aspects of this lifestyle are so appealing to me. We’ve slowed our already pretty quiet lives down even more in my home. The time I’ve been able to spend with my daughter has been reminiscent of the days when she was just past toddlerhood and I was a single mother. Each day was dedicated to her, and those will forever be some of my favorite years of my life! I realize that our time at home together will fly by and before I know it, she’ll be going away to college. The past several months have felt like pushing the slow-motion button on life and I love it.

        While there are certainly things that I miss, I hope that on a larger scale, we as a society will have re-examined and re-evaluated our lives. I hope that in some ways, we never go back to the fast-paced, hectic lifestyles we collectively had before all this.

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