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  • Dream Lunch Dates: History, Heroes and a Whole Lotta Queso

    Posted by bailey-anne-vincent on June 1, 2021 at 9:54 am

    I was reading Paul’s Sunday morning post– which has become a welcome tradition for me these days… something to look forward to every week- and his beautiful description of lunch, and life, and life through lunch, made me think of a fun question for all of us:

    If you could host any four people for lunch (alive or dead), who would they be… AND, what would you serve? 

    I know this isn’t necessarily a “Cystic Fibrosis” related question, but I think it all connects back to who we’ve become through and around our health, science and empathy, and whom we’d love to meet or see again.

    For me, I’d be tempted to say my best friend Zachary who passed away from CF, for example, or maybe any of my grandparents who died before I was born (or before I was old enough to distinctly remember, with exception of my Pop), or my Uncle Way and Uncle Donnie who served like grandfathers to me… but I’d also be tempted to name personal heroes like Frida Kahlo, or certain musicians, or peace keepers and thinkers and profits.

    Would language be a barrier in this fictional scenario? Would Zachary still be in pain from his end-stage disease, and thus bringing him back would perhaps continue his pain? So many ways to analyze this question! (This is why I’m bad with multiple-choice, for sure)

    But let’s get down to the best part: The Food. For me, I think I’d do some sort of tapas so I could please whomever I chose for lunch, despite their different lineage and upbringing. Maybe tapas with a far more Western spin, so my Uncles could really dig in too. For example, South Carolinian pimento cheese would definitely be a featured dip, as much as hummus or queso or anything else.

    My sister makes something she calls “crack dip” and it involves the freshest salsa you can imagine, and big chunks of avocado, corn, lime juice, and other amazing addictive things. I’d definitely ask her to bring that.

    What about you? What would your lunch look and taste like? 

    john-f-schroeder replied 2 years, 10 months ago 2 Members · 1 Reply
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  • john-f-schroeder

    June 1, 2021 at 3:13 pm

    This is an interesting question,   So many people, so little time for 5,000,000 lunches! LOL

    First would be my daughter, Ann, who died form CF in 2009.  Had so many lovely meals with her.  One more would be amazing!

    Then, my Mom, who died when I was 15, who never got to know me as an adult, and never met my wife and kids and grandkids.  She definitely would have loved them all.

    After that in no particular order, my grandparents – all of them.  I’d love to ask them where exactly they grew up, how did the eventually wind u in the US and get married, etc.  My mother’s mom lost a child to “pneumonia” before he/she reached 2 years.  I wonder if that child had CF.  I’m pretty sure my mom passed down the F508Del mutation to me, based on info from relatives on her side.  That’s the only CF gene in my nuclear family.

    I’d love to visit with Drs. Dorothy Anderson, Harry Shwachman and Paul di Sant’Agnese to discuss their work and thank them for their interest and development of the science of CF.  That would probably be several lunches! 🙂

    Finally, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, whose music I adore.  And scientists, Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein,  Erwin Schrödinger, Paul Dirac, and Richard Feynman whose work inspired me and lead to the phenomenal Physics we have today.

    WOW!  Lotsa people!  But it’s fun to contemplate them all.

    Thanks, Bailey!  You started me off on a great topic!



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