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      Jenny Livingston

      During this time, many of us (hopefully all of us, actually) are practicing social distancing and self-isolation. The CF community is high-risk, which means that we need to be taking extra precautions. Fortunately, we’ve been practicing for this our entire lives — we’re pros at infection control!

      What I’m curious about right now is how you’re staying connected to the world when physical closeness isn’t possible. I’ve seen things like virtual-book clubs, virtual happy hour, informational groups for those of us who are suddenly homeschooling parents, and more.

      What is your favorite way to stay connected right now? Additionally, what are some cool virtual gathering ideas you’d like to see or participate in? 

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      Paul met Debbie

      My favorite way of staying connected is through silence and contemplation.

      We can’t not be connected with the world, because we are the world – in the way that we are nature and nature is the world. Only our busy and loud mind is mostly covering up this innate connection completely, so that even those who start looking for it, have trouble finding it. It is like the fish in the bowl, totally overlooking the water he swims in. It is everywhere, but still he misses it completely, while in fact it is what makes him live and move.

      Contrary to popular belief, what we consider to be normal social life is very lonely and superficial, repetitive and often boring. It is by no means a substitute for the real connection with reality that all of us are, but totally overlook. It is a poor surrogate at most.

      A good doorway to experiencing this reality is silence. An easy way of connecting to it, is meditation. Or a slow walk in nature (which is the same). Listen to the birds and the wind, the water in the brook. Enter reality from there. Take it home and try to stay in it as long possible by just keeping silent. You will be amazed how much tranquility and peace you will encounter, contrary to the now hectic and dramatic stories of the world of the mind out there. Without constantly talking or listening to talking of others, thoughts will quickly reside and stillness will emerge. It brings tranquility and equanimity which is good for your immune system, your mental health and you will sleep better. Just try it: keep quiet for a while, a day, an hour, even a minute. You can communicate if necessary by touch, look, gesture, smile, anything. Just be.

      A cool virtual aid for a small meditation moment is the one-moment meditation of Martin Boroson. It is also available as a free app. It will take you to silence within a minute. You can do it as often as you want.

      Enjoy the silence and the connection!


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