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      Luisa Palazola says she learned how to cope with the reality of cystic fibrosis from an early age, largely as a result of fear and anxiety. Click here to learn more about her experience.

      How did you learn to cope with having CF? What has helped you come to terms with the reality of having a life-long illness?

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      Paul met Debbie

      Who makes up questions like these? They are not true. Don’t make up identities like this. How to answer such a question?

      You can’t come to terms with it, because it doesnot exist.
      Everyone has a life-long illness which is called living. It has a bad perspective, uncurable. Your body will die from it some day. But that’s no problem, it’s supposed to happen, so nothing to come to terms with. So with cf or without, same thing.

      You can’t learn to accept your “illness” because it is only a story in your mind. There is no “reality” in that at all. Take a close look! Really!
      You just have to accept life as it is. That is: the reality. That what happens. It does not come as a life-long illness. Years don’t come 365 days at once, days don’t come 24 hours at once. Every hour comes 1 minute after another, every moment comes as a separate event. No moment is unsurvivable. If you look at cf as a life-long illness that you “have”, there is no grace. Grace is only there where there is truth. Truth is, you never have anything life-long. You only experience anything moment by moment. Grace is there. In no moment of your life you will ever have a life-long illness. If you think you do, your mind is creating a drama. Don’t go there.

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