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      Bailey Vincent

      I haven’t always had a wonky pancreas, but it has become more so throughout the years. A lot of my billiary backup seems liver related (my enzymes get elevated), and my pancreas reacts like the overly-mouthy best friend who stands a little too close.

      I take Creon, like many of us, and watch my sugars, but I’m lucky to not need any major interventions yet. However, I have “attacks” (bile, pancreatitis pain, high liver levels) more and more frequently these days, sometimes for weeks at a time, and it is really making me ponder quality of life when it comes to these finicky organs.

      How many of you have some sort of liver or pancreas concern, and if so: What is it?

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      Jenny Livingston

      My pancreas has always been mildly “wonky” in that I’m pancreatic insufficient and require enzymes. But I’ve been lucky that it hasn’t caused any other issues thus far. And my liver takes the abuse from our sometimes toxic medications like a total champ! Again, just dumb luck.

      I know that pancreas pain can be incredibly intense and debilitating. I’m sorry that these attacks are putting a damper on your life. I’ve always said that I have a pretty high tolerance for pain, but my partner recently pointed out that pain turns me into a bit of a beast — and he’s not wrong! It makes me grumpy and irritable, which adds to the overall unpleasantness of life.

      Is there hope that these issues can be addressed, or are they (like so many other things we experience) likely to always be problematic?

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