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      Bailey Vincent

      Last week, Jenny mentioned being apt at public speaking in a comment on the forum, and it helped me remember the following question:

      If you had to talk for 1 hour to a college class, with no time to prepare, what subject could you speak to off the top of your head for that amount of time?

      I saw this question posted on Twitter awhile back and someone said “CF” and I thought “interesting” because I bet we all could talk about CF, to some extent, for an hour as well. But if you had to push yourself outside that box… What remains? What else lights your fire?

      I’d love to know and learn from you! And if you can’t think of anything, I think that’s powerful too, because that gives us the chance to think about what we would want to learn about. What comes to mind?

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      Paul met Debbie

      Ah, don’t get me started! Public speaking is fun, I always enjoyed it as a teacher. Especially going outside the box, for instance if the students asked questions that went beyond the subjects.

      But even more fun is talking without any preparation about a subject without any boundaries. Something like music, or – even better – nature.

      And the best subject of all for me is no subject: wholeness. One can only talk about this in an indirect way, by pointing out what it is not. And about ways to start experiencing it, by going beyond the mind. Since there are no words to describe non-duality (the merging of object and subject), best is to be quiet. So this concludes my little talk.

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