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      Jenny Livingston

      Pills, nebulized meds, inhalers, sinus rinses, more pills, cleaning equipment, blood sugar monitoring, refilling prescriptions, scheduling appointments, more pills, treatments, attending appointments, and oh! — did I mention pills?

      The daily CF grind can be exhausting. There’s just so much to do and keep track of! I’ve been living with CF for 32 years, but there are still things I can’t remember to do consistently.

      My question is this: is there anything you do to help you keep track of it all? Do you organize meds and put them in special containers? Do you have an app that helps keep things organized? Do you set reminders in your phone? I’d love to hear your tips and tricks! 

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      Paul met Debbie

      Pills go in the app. (medisafe), no special containers. So far the app is mostly backup memory, but that can change with age😏. I have to change the alarm sound from time to time, otherwise I check it without registering. Mostly it reminds me of something I already did. Appointmments in the phone agenda. Daily treatments are automated in the body-mind system.

      Best tip is to integrate the whole circus in the daily routine. For instance, take the pills after brushing teeth. Watch out for moments when daily routine gets disturbed however (when brushing teeth, postman rings). The more it becomes routine, the less intrusive it will appear and it becomes natural like eating and drinking etc. Just the things you do. Or even better: things that appear to get done (“i find myself finishing the nebulizing session”).

      In the routine there is also a lot of stillness to be found. Everything done with attention and awareness is a meditation and can point to the inner Self. It is all part of lovingly taking care of the body-mind after all. Worst thing you can do is resist. If resistance comes, first give it attention and meditate on it. Feel it flow away. Then try again. Every time is a new chance, don’t try to get good at it, stay in the beginners-mind.

      Good luck!

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      Sandra Moore

      For day to day inhalation treatments I have created a chart in a spreadsheet. I include a slot for exercise and key meds like my Kalydeco. For the meds that have to be taken at certain intervals I record the time. For everything else I just check it off. I also track my exercise. It’s a good visual of how my week is going and really simple. Sometimes I set alarms on my Fitbit for in my phone. But I don’t find that as helpful as my daily schedules vary.

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