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      Tré LaRosa

      I remember back in the day in college when I could handle late nights easily. Doing treatments late, going to bed, getting up early wasn’t that difficult.


      I’ve learned that I can’t handle nights like that anymore and that my body just betrays me in the morning.


      1. At what age did you realize you started to feel much differently about your physical ability to do thisngs?
      2. What have you done to compensate, if anything?
      3. What time do you try to do your treatment?
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      Paul met Debbie

      Your body does not betray you in de the morning, you have betrayed your body the evening before by pulling a late night. Just accept the boundaries your body sets, it knows better than you. There is no problem in that, so no compensation or strategy is needed other than being aware of your bodily needs.

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      I can’t totally agree with “Paul met Debbies” statement. Because pushing and even crossing my boundaries has made me experience some of the most wonderful things in my life, like traveling off the track, dancing all night or skiping inhalation for a wonderful movie. But I am only talking for me here.

      However, in the end it’s a question of finding the right balance between physical and psychological health. And in my opinion thats equally important. I do agree though that we have to listen to our bodies, in order to take responsibility for our decisions. You cannnot stay up all night, skip your treatment and then complain or selfpitty yourself. In that case you are nothing but a winy hypocrite.

      Going back to your questions: I have experienced the biggest limitations after my 27th birthday, now I am 33. And its still a daily fight to accept what I was able to do and what I can’t do anymore.

      What has really helped me was to ask for help. Very often my limitations occur when I am physically challenged, for example walking long distances, carrying luggage, having nothing to eat, and I mean immediately, not in half an hour or so. So I tell my strong and healthy friends to help out and support me in order to avoid physical exhaustion. But I am still in the beginning, because I tend to do everything by myself since I dont want to be a burden to anybody. Still I guess thats the best advice I can give to you.

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