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      Bailey Vincent

      Okay, this isn’t the most ideal topic of conversation but… Does anyone else wish they had someone to talk to about the “gross sides” of CF?

      Obviously we know it comes with a lot of mucus and mayhem, but I am way too embarrassed most of the time to talk about some of the more insider things that happen.

      For example, this week I sneezed, and when I sneezed, I also coughed up mucus from my lungs at the same time through the force of my sneeze (just me?) I hate the muck and mucus my feeding tubes create on the inside of my clothes, or feeling like my shirt is wet from them but I have to pretend like all is well in public.

      Sometimes it’s refreshing to not hide the downsides for a change!

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      Jenny Livingston

      Is it weird that I LOVE talking about the gross/unpleasant/sometimes embarrassing things? I find them kind of fascinating, but also think that we shouldn’t have to hide things that are totally natural. You are more than welcome to talk to me about ALL the gross things, absolutely anytime!

Viewing 1 reply thread
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