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      William Ryan

      Last week, I wrote a blog about ableism, as a way to bring awareness to cf during cf awareness month. Please, let me know your thoughts! Thank you!

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      Jenny Livingston

      William, thank you so much for sharing this! Reading your thoughts, I found myself reminiscing about times in my life when similar things have happened. I’m far more likely to say something now than I was as an awkward, sometimes painfully shy teen. I also have a tendency to make and share passive aggressive/snarky IG reels on the subject, heh. Thanks again for sharing this, and please feel free to share your writing here anytime!

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      Paul met Debbie

      I recognize what you are talking about, William, and it is all true. Your account of it speaks volumes.
      However, we have no control over these things. Nor should we want to have it, because that is ultimate frustration.

      These things happen. The only thing we can learn to do, is a not-doing. Not reacting. Not as a coping mechanism or a psychological technique, but truly go beyond this altogether. This means completely defusing that, what is inclined to react in us because of habit and conditioning.

      If you look at it closely, it is always our own person/ego/mind that feels offended, attacked, diminished, bothered, observed, awkward etc. If we really want to be free from ableism and all the other -isms and ignorance of the world, we have no other option than learn to ignore this inner-mechanism and find the peace of our true self that is not identified or bothered with what happens. This is not indifference, this is freedom. Freedom from the Known.

      It is not easy, but in the end, it is that simple. It takes time though, it’s a growing process. Growing out of ones own little self. There is a liberation waiting that will never be bothered again. And a big, sincere smile. Reading your second-last paragraph, it sounds to me that you are well on your way to this place of inner peace. Don’t stop here, go all the way.

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