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      Jenny Livingston

      New Year’s Resolutions. Are you a fan? Honestly, I’m not.

      It seems as if the big resolutions I set in the past were things that I felt I should be doing, not things I really wanted to be doing. They were generally quite lofty, nearly impossible goals and I always felt so disappointed when I didn’t accomplish them.

      Instead, I now choose to live each day with intention. Sure, I set goals (generally small and obtainable), I push myself, I try new things, but my main focus is on the day-to-day experiences. Days when I simply wake up and do what needs to be done. Days that are quiet, spent with my loved ones at home. Days that some might call mundane. These are the days where most of our time is spent; this is where I believe the juice of life is found.

      If you are a resolution person, what are your New Year’s Resolutions?
      If you’re more of an intentional, savor the moment kind, do you have any intentions or desires for the New Year? 


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      John F Schroeder

      Not a fan. I used to make resolutions and never succeeded in keeping them ! LOL So now I just figure I got this far, so I’m just going to keep on going as long as I can!

      It’s good, I think, as we end one year and begin another to look forward a bit. Especially for CF Families, the past several years have been absolutely amazing in the progress made to treat CF. Now with the CFF leading, we turn our attention to the 10% or so who can’t use CFTR Modulators. I remember so well, when our 2 kids were diagnosed back in 1974, that there was little hope for people with CF. Some did pretty well, like my youngest, Tom., who’s not 46 and on Trikafta! Some did not so well, like my oldest, Ann, who passed away in 2009. Mike, our “middle” one suffered too, feeling “left out” with all the attention paid to Ann and Tom.

      Things are very different now for the 90%’ers – our Tom – with treatments that almost take CF away. But the 10’s are still in the place we were in 1974 … EXCEPT .. The CFF has launched it’s Rare Mutation Initiative to raise money and support research for treatments for people who cant use the modulators, and ultimately to cure CF. Very ambitious, but now, in 2020, we can “taste” and “smell” the cure getting closer! I am 77 years old and really hope that I will see this come to fruition in my lifetime! I may not, but I KNOW that this will happen. So, I hope that everyone in the CF Family can look forward to the PROMISE of treatments/cure for ALL with CF. It’s an amazing time!

      So that’s my look forward into 2021 and beyond. I can SEE the day when CF=CureFound and hope I can be there to celebrate when it happens!

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      Tim Blowfield

      New Year Resolution’s! Haven’t completed last years. If I add more it will just add to the pile high and deeper (Yes PhD) I have accumulated over the last so many years. I think I shall just stay as I am, not bother and just keep on as I am, enjoying retirement and seeking to encourage others.
      Merry Christmas (sorry I am a bit late) and Happy New Year.

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      John F Schroeder

      Good point Tim. No resolutions means nada to worry about 🙂 HAPPY NEW YEAR y’all

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      Tim Blowfield

      No. Just the heaps that have piled up from last year and the 70+ years before!
      happy New Year – and many more of them.
      Did you know that prople who see most New Years live longest?

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      John F Schroeder

      Yes I know that people who see the most New Years live longest I am heading into my 77th ! YES Onward!

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      Tim Blowfield

      It also applies to people who have most birthdays. My wife has celebrated 78 of them and is we believe the third oldest person in Australia with CF. She tells her CF Dr that she will live till 103. One of her mutations has recently been added to the US list that Trikafta is approved for. So we hope we shall be able to try it shortly.

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      John F Schroeder

      Hah Yep! and .. wow Your wife is 78! WOW WOW WOW that’s wonderful! Glad to hear she is eligible for Trikafta! it’s an amazing drug. And your wife is amazing So the combination should really let her live till 103! WOW Lol Why stop at 103???

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      John F Schroeder

      Hi Tim

      do you mind a few questions about your wife. When was she diagnosed, what CF issues she’s experienced, etc. Just curious! and if you’d rather not, no problem. And you can write me privately at [email protected], if you prefer.

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