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  • Quarantine Routine: What’s Yours?

    Posted by bailey-anne-vincent on March 21, 2020 at 10:24 am

    I am already trying to think about topics for my column next week, and I keep coming back to the notion of a Quarantine Routine and how much I need one for myself. I’ve seen others posting about what they’re doing while social distancing or stuck at home, whether that be daily workouts, or cooking, or crafting projects… And I was wondering: What is your Quarantine Health Routine right now?

    Are there any goals you’re trying to meet or health realities to face? For example, are you trying to gain weight during this period of time, or do a certain number of treatments per day?

    I haven’t yet formulated my own goals (still feeling a little apathetic right now), but I’d love to know yours and get inspired!

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  • paul-met-debbie

    March 27, 2020 at 9:29 am

    I did not change much to my normal winter anti-flu routine. Which can be found on this forum in answer to several other questions (click on my profile and read my other answers).

    The best thing one can do when stuck at home, is “not feeling stuck at home”. It’s all in the mind of course. So, try to feel at ease at home. When this is not the case, ask yourself: how come? What thoughts make me feel dis-eased? Examine those thoughts and ask yourself several times: are they really true? Do I really miss the things I can’t do anymore right now? Give it some time too. It takes about 3 weeks to change any habit (good or bad) for another one. You will have plenty of time to let this change happen.

    Sometimes you have to change things in the house to make you feel more at ease, more comfortable. By a new bed or pillow if you don’t sleep well. Or perhaps you want to create a Zen-atmosphere in your home. Or you want to simplify your life in general by getting rid of a lot of surplus stuff (minimalism).

    This is a great time to brush up on your reading. Books you always wanted to read, but never had the time to. Or you could start learning to play a musical instrument. Or learn how to draw or paint. Or start reading (or writing) poems. Or you want to learn how to meditate and “become enlightened” (warning: no person ever did this). Start doing an online mindfulness training! Active creativity is much better for your brain than passive (Netflix).

    Hey, I just thought of one thing I changed because of the lock-down: we don’t go to the barber’s anymore, so Debbie and I have to do this ourselves to each other, which is a lot of fun. And also we trim our little dog ourselves now. We had some mixed results but hey, practice makes perfect. And nobody except ourselves is around to laugh.

    Ah, and just one piece of advice about what NOT to do: don’t try to follow the (world) news as it develops. You can be busy with that all day, but it will trouble your mind very much. It produces a lot of stress and unrest, which is terrible for your immune system and your sleep. And you will deplete all the energy you need to follow any of my earlier suggestions. So, make it a habit to only check the news once a day (max), preferably early in the morning (so it won’t disrupt your sleep). You then get a quick scan of the yesterday’s news and figures (warning: none of the current covid figures are reliable, they just don’t know because the registration is miserably bad). Only read the headlines, don’t click on the backgrounds. That’s enough. And regional news is better than world news. You can’t do anything about what happens 5000 miles a(ny)way. But you might be able to help neighbors in distress, if only with some extra attention.

    End your day with a little meditation and wish for peace and freedom for everyone.

    Take care, wash your hands, don’t get infected and stay out of your mind.

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