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  • “Silver Lining” Sick Friends: Do You Have One?

    Posted by bailey-anne-vincent on February 22, 2021 at 10:18 am

    If you’re new to the forums here, you might not know that Jenny and I are co-moderators who work together to answer questions, post topics, and hangout with you… which basically means we have the best gig in the world.

    But one of the things I love the most about us that others don’t get to see is that we both understand what the other is going through and look out for one another whenever possible.

    A few days ago, I messaged Jenny basically saying: “I’m so sick with this sinus infection and I’m having a total meltdown,” and she says, “I’ve got you” and reassures me right away. This week, as she’s juggling busy hospital appointments and the symptomatic come-down from her second vaccine, she needs some of the same.

    “I’ve got you,” we seem to say, and then we step up and shoulder a little more that day, knowing it will eventually shift back once again.

    The symbiosis of this sort of dynamic is really rare in life, but I think less rare for those with CF. And perhaps that’s a beautiful silver lining, you know?

    Many of us have either a caretaker, a partner in our medical journey, or just a CF best friend who we can text and complain to at any time of day or night because they “get it” and won’t judge us for it.

    Even though I like to insist I don’t have caretakers (in truth, I sort of don’t?), I do have a husband who’s a partner, a best friend who doesn’t blink an eye at weird health-related messages when I need to get something off my chest, and, of course, a Jenny.

    Who is your “Silver Lining”? Who is that best friend or partner or long-distance-text-pal who helps you shoulder the burden when it’s too much to carry? Do you offer the same in return?

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  • jenny-livingston

    February 23, 2021 at 1:00 pm

    Bailey, this is beautiful. I am so grateful we have each other and can help shoulder each other’s burdens. Sometimes all it takes is a simple “I’ve got you” to make the whole world seem a bit lighter.

    My sister is one of these people because not only do we share a sisterly bond, she also has CF (as I’ve mentioned before). She is like a built in best friend and support system in every way. She “get it” in ways that nobody else in our family does because we have so many shared experiences.

    Another person is my friend, Holly. She does not haver CF, but we met because of it. She was originally a friend of my sister’s and came to visit me in the hospital once when my family was unable. She didn’t want me, a virtual stranger at the time, to be alone. From that first visit, it felt as if I had known her my entire life. That was nearly a decade ago and she is still my very best friend to this day (although we live on opposite ends of the country now). She is my forever “I’ve got you” in life.

    Thank you, Bailey, for always having my back, for only ever being a text away, and for letting me cry, complain, and confide in you about any- and everything.

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