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      Jenny Livingston

      It goes without saying that many of our lives have drastically changed since this pandemic began. I don’t want to dismiss the very real struggles many people are facing during this time, but at this particular moment I want to focus on something a bit less heavy.

      Since spending so much more time at home, I’ve had some extra time to rediscover some of my talents and hobbies. I began painting again, learned how to make jewelry, returned to journaling and meditation, and more. About a month into our quarantine experience, we did something impulsive and maybe a little reckless… WE GOT A PUPPY! In the months since then, several other families I know got a puppy as well. It makes total sense to me! What better time to potty train a puppy than when you’re stuck at home anyway? Those puppy snuggles are also a great way to relieve stress (in my opinion anyway).

      I’m curious, how have you stayed busy during quarantine?

      Have you learned a new skill? Did you join the Pandemic Puppy crew? Did you rediscover an old hobby or dust off some forgotten talents? I’d love to hear how you’ve been spending your time recently.

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      Paul met Debbie

      Getting a puppy is great, congratulations! A dog in the house is a wonderful way of being with nature and staying sane.
      Since we already had a dog, one that really wants to have us for herself, we had to think of other ways to stay busy.

      To be honest, we didn’t change much. We just prolonged our normal winter-quarantine and it is still going on. I guess it will be this way for the coming year also until some good vaccine is available.
      We changed our little painting-and-creativity school a bit, because we couldn’t entertain the students in home anymore. So now we send teaching-letters out every month by e-mail and the students send in their results from which we make a presentation for everyone to enjoy and learn from as a sort of e-exhibition. It works great and they all agreed to do it like this next year too, as long as the virus is still going around. Positive side-effect is that the students now have to keep themselves going all month long with our assignments, instead of only being creative while being in class.

      Just before the quarantine started we, as usual, bought some great books to enjoy during the wintertime and we are still doing that although summer is in full swing. Also revisited some old books again. Books like “I am that” with some of the finest Indian philosophy can be read over and over again and give deeper insights every time.

      Also we bought each other a good fountain pen and some beautiful inks to fill them with. Brushed up on the handwriting and calligraphy which is very meditative and gets great results after some months of practicing. Tip: if you write with a fountain pen, try out tomoe river paper. It really changes your writing experience for the better. It comes in all sizes and also in nice notebooks. It’s ultra smooth and ultra thin.

      Not visiting the cf-centre for two years now (last year I skipped my annual “check-up” because I had nothing to report – this year it was cancelled because of the covid-situation). They just sent me an electronic spirometer with a nice app to perform an in-home pft and send the results online to my physician. Works great.

      So far, so good. Hang in there and stay healthy! This too shall pass.

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      Jenny Livingston

      @jpaul so much of this sounds absolutely delightful! Thanks for sharing. I may look into that book suggestion!

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