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      Paul met Debbie

      We are in love!

      I am sure of it. We had noticed each other in the past a few times, and I marveled at her appearance, but we never pursued more. Yesterday however, was different. Perhaps it was the weather, a benevolent autumn day, sunny and with a warm southerly wind and blue skies? It is unknowable, miracles happen like this.

      At first, there was some distance still. We observed each other carefully, scared to make the first move. (Buddha, my dog, kept some distance and looked the other way.) Slowly, we came a little closer. I looked into her beautiful eyes, admired her dark hair. She revealed all of it innocently, not aware of her natural young beauty. She looked at me with a tender loving emanation, and my heart melted.

      What to do next? Words seemed inappropriate and unnecessary. They would only have broken the spell. I dared to make the first move, came even closer and reached out my hand to her. She touched it lightly with her nose. Oh, this nose! So soft, so well formed, with an almost illuminating shine. Then we turned around and walked away. Would there be a next encounter?

      It happened today. I could not reach her now, because she was not alone. She had joined a group of girls and seemed not to be interested in me. But suddenly, from a distance, she noticed me and her posture changed. She raised her beautiful nose in the air as high as she could. Finally she picked up my scent and seemed satisfied, turning elegantly and resuming her gathering with the girls. She recognized me! She smelled me! I was over the moon.

      I don’t know her name, but secretly I call her Ten-Ten, after the labels in her ears that both add up to this (73-64). I always had a soft spot for cows – but she is special.

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      Paul met Debbie

      … and very important: if and when letting go announces itself, make sure it comes from acceptance and not from resistance. Check your mindset carefully. If you first fully came to terms with it and are in peace, then the chances of finding a benevolent continuation are far more conducive. Your next doctor is already there, finding is much more easy then.

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        Paul met Debbie

        Oops, this addendum belongs to Williams question about switching doctors. I put it there as well now, to be sure. Sorry.

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      Jenny Livingston

      Paul, this made me grin so big as I read it. Ten-Ten sounds absolutely lovely and I hope you’ll have opportunity to get to know her better.

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        Paul met Debbie

        🙂 Thanks, I did! Today I offered her some grass and she ate it right out of my hand. We are on eating terms now.

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