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      Paul met Debbie

      Sunday Morning (41)                                                                 26 December 2021


      Wake up Call

      For the second day of Christmas 2021 Anno Domini I gladly present you with a little movie I made.

      A short movie that is, only 7 minutes of your time is involved. You can even share this with your family and friends if you are visiting them this weekend, it will be both educational, fun and transforming.

      After seeing the movie you will have seen my face, heard my voice and seen part of the interior of our apartment. Because I was the only actor and made it at home. I used my best American-English to pronounce it. The script I wrote in an hour last week, between breakfast and lunch, and the film was shot on my laptop in one take. The subtitles were quite some work, and I almost missed dinner, but in the evening, everything was on YouTube. So even if your ears are special, you can watch it without problems.

      The film is about someone (not me) who makes a phone call to god’s call center in the hope to find answers to the pandemic. He/she doesn’t get the expected answers, but something much more valuable that will dissolve all the questions and problems timelessly. It’s fun and tragedy in one. But there is an abundance of hope and love in it as well.

      I hope you like it. If so, I would really appreciate if you share the YouTube video with as many people as you can. Please do like it on YouTube and if you are so inclined, write a little comment in the comment section. YouTube films are found more quickly if they are liked and commented on. And Debbie and I feel that this message deserves a large audience, and that many people could benefit from seeing it.

      Thank you much, and we wish you a great Christmas and a happy New Year!

      Ah yes, you can find the movie on YouTube here:


      Paul and Debbie


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      Jenny Livingston

      Paul, I commented on YouTube but wanted to say something here as well. Thanks for sharing this! I got quite a chuckle but found some valuable reminders and insight within as well. This has been a wake-up call indeed!

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      Paul met Debbie

      Thank you, dear Jenny. That is so sweet of you.

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