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      Paul met Debbie

      What Carpe Diem Means 5 June 2022

      Recently, Nicole Kohr wrote one of her lovely and lively tales, this time it was about the Joy of Aging. You can find it here, highly recommended!

      I wrote a sunday morning talk about this last month, but didn’t publish it so far, because other subjects intervened. So, talk no. 62 was missing in the list – here it is!

      I couldn’t agree more with Nicole, aging is great! Not so much for the middle-finger feeling she talks about, but because aging is Living!

      I have two quotes I would like to share that I recently encountered:

      • One I found in the master piece of the German  phenomenological philosopher Martin Heidegger (1889 – 1976), that I am currently reading: “Sein und Zeit” (Being and Time – 1926). It says:

      “Sobald ein Mensch zum Leben kommt, sogleich ist er alt genug zu sterben”.

      Translation: “As soon as a human comes to life, so soon he is old enough to die”.

      • And the second one is from the Irish comedian Dave Allen (1936 – 2005):

      “I don’t mind getting older, considering the alternative. I look forward to be looking back on my old age”.

      Cheers Nicole, keep up the writing, you do a fine job! We enjoy your take on life very much.

      Post scriptum:

      This morning I heard a third quote I would like to share with you, it is by the great Osho.

      He said:

      • “There are only two types of people in the world: those who understand that every moment life is at risk, hence do something! And those who are absolutely unaware that death can strike any moment and take away all their future, all their dreams, all their imaginations, all that they were thinking they are going to do tomorrow”.

      You can find it here:

      I don’t belong to a type, but if I did, I would joyfully belong to the first.

      I don’t want to live long. I only want to live now! In a way, living only now is dying to the future and the past. In that state of consciousness, there is no thinking about doing, there is no dreaming, no imaginations. There is only the sheer joy of acute aliveness.

      Happy Sunday y’all, and don’t think about tomorrow or yesterday.


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      Jenny Livingston

      I love Nicole’s writing; thanks for sharing her article here. I fully agree with you both — aging is a beautiful gift. I also like the quote you shared from Osho. It resonates deeply within me.

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      Carol Birch

      I enjoyed  Nicole’s writing, yours too Paul.   I especially enjoyed how Nicole wrote about the trees and how it’s when we are older that we afraid to climb them, not when we are young.   I climbed trees as a child and still look at them today and ask the question, “is that a good tree to climb?”   I’m 62, so yes, maybe a little afraid of the consequences now, but as a child, I successfully climbed many tall trees.  Not as tall as my greatly admired friend who later became, you can guess can’t you?…a logger.

      Paul, I enjoyed the quotes you mentioned.  The quote you wrote from Dave Allen is wonderful and that’s how I feel…Grateful to be able to look back on my (old?) age.  I took many risks climbing those trees as a youngster.  I’ve taken many other risks too.   CF didn’t keep me from enjoying those moments and won’t in this moment either!


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