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      Jenny Livingston

        After an exciting few days away from home that involved two flights, a couple of nights in a hotel, and an absurd amount of time spent on my feet (all within a 72-hour time frame), I’m now back at home questioning whether I might have overdone it. It’s been a long time since I asked so much of my body and I’m happy with how well I felt during the trip. Now, however, I’ll definitely need a few days to rest and recover.

        Prior to Trikafta, I’d almost always get sick when I traveled. Whether by plane or car, any time spent away from home was just too much for my body to handle. It’s a new experience to travel without thinking, “Am I going to end up in the hospital after this?” One of the many ways Trikafta has blessed my life.

        I am curious, does traveling or spending time away from home (out of a normal routine) affect your health? How do you recuperate after expending so much energy?

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        Paul met Debbie

          Good to hear that these trips are possible again for you, Jenny.

          I think doing these, in my experience as well, there is always a little “overdoing” taking place. We are not used to experiences like this, and both the body and the mind will have to work overtime to keep up with all the intense and new inputs and requirements. I never sleep well the first night in a strange bed, so some sleep deprivation is always going on on holidays. On short trips this will be even harder, because relatively not sleeping well for a night is a lot harder on a 3 days trip than on a longer stay. And having to take a break after is only normal I guess. Mostly sleeping well for a couple of nights in my own bed will take care of the recuperation process.

          Going away on holiday or trips is fun, but I must admit that coming home is a big part of the fun as well. One day trips are my preferred thing lately, because I miss my own bed much when going away longer. And we can take dog along much easier this way, we both don’t want to go without her either. She is family and loves a good trip as much as we do.

          I think one should try to live feeling like on a holiday at home, and feeling like at home on a holiday. Mostly I succeed in that. In order to do that, one has to pick one’s holidays and organize one’s home mindfully.

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