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      Columnist Elly Aylwin-Foster is still searching for her purpose in life, but she’s confident it’s going to be something good. Click here to read more from Elly.

      What do you think your purpose is?

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      Paul met Debbie

      Let me ask the question more fundamentally: who thinks and talks about purpose in the first place? Where does this voice originate? Is it natural to us? Probably not.

      Given that we are part of nature like all other life forms, animal or vegetation, we fundamentally are the same. On a being level that is. Now, on that fundamental level the question of purpose does not play at all. The flower or the animal does not torment itself with this. It just is. It lives. It is just “animalling” or “flowering” away to the best of its natural abilities and it does a wonderful job. It’s just there to be what it is. It lives because it is its turn to live in that form for the time. It does not have to look for a purpose. It is its own purpose already just by being There like nature wanted it so. If even a creature like a chimpansee who is genetically almost identical to us can live his life this way, why can’t we?

      Because we unfortunately learned to think our live in stead of living it. We are not only a being (we tell ourselves), we are a human being. And we want so desperately be different than all other manifestations of nature, that we focus on the human part obsessively and our being part gets molded over by the result of this incessant thinking habit until we can’t feel it anymore. Our ego runs the show. It only gets us into trouble and our planet as well. We separated ourselves from nature and this separation makes us unhappy and deserted. We try to compensate by collecting knowledge, things, money, power, status, relations and identify with them. We call this “the persuit of happiness” and tell ourselves that we are entitled to it. But in the end, it doesn’t help. We stay lost. Life becomes a strugle and a journey where we constantly have to find our way, in stead of a dance that we can enjoy intuitively.

      There is nothing wrong with happiness, but to look for it in the outside world is a devil’s job.
      The happiness is inside. We are born with is. It’s our innate state of being. If we don’t think it away by identifying with our thoughts (which are in fact not ours, but our ego makes us believe that), we could have it al the time. Than it turns into Joy. The Joy of being, which has no opposite like happiness is always opposite to sadness. We don’t have to look for it as a purpose, we are it. St. Francis of Assisi worded it perfectly when he said: “What your are looking for, is where you are looking from”. Turn inside and let life live itself from there. The outside world is just the playing grond, the dance hall. Don’t take it too seriously.

      So to answer the question: I don’t think about purpose, I know I am fulfilling my very essence just by being what nature intended me to be: alive. For the time that is given to me and beyond. I cannot be not alive ever, I am part of a constant proces of in-formation, of getting in and out some form of manifestation, of experiencing what ever comes my way and reporting that back to nature, so that nature can be aware of itself. In that proces, I am constantly closing the circle of manifestation and I am That.

      How could your little human mind ever improve on or ad to that? Don’t worry, it has been taken care of already.

      So, Elly is right when she intuitively concludes: I know it’s something good. It’s even better than she perhaps realizes. But that is a good start.

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