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      Jenny Livingston

      Yesterday, I came across this post from @the.chronic.couple:

      [caption id="attachment_16147" align="alignnone" width="415"] Via Instagram @the.chronic.couple[/caption]

      After sharing it, I had some great conversations on the subject which made me want to ask here in the forum:

      What makes you feel seen, heard, understood, and supported when it comes to CF? If you are a caregiver, how can others support you/your loved one? 

      Personally, I love it when someone takes the time to research CF and/or ask questions about it. It shows that they care enough about me to try understanding this aspect of my life.

      I also appreciate it when they trust that I know my body and support my health decisions, rather than trying to “fix” me or question the choices made with the help of my doctor.

      What about you? Do you agree with the list shared by The Chronic Couple? What would you add?

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      Paul met Debbie

      What makes me feel understood and supported has nothing to do with CF.

      It is what makes me feel alive, in the moment, Here, Now. Everyone can feel this, regardless of their physical condition. It becomes impersonal but ever so meaningful. Words or understanding play only a little role in this. I will give some examples.

      – in the morning, there is energy in the body. And miraculously, the eyes open and there is light. Always, without exception or conditions. Immediately;
      – I step out of bed, the floor and the body support this. There is balance and movement;
      – the body needs fluids and produces thirst. Drinking water is the perfect answer. This water is 4 billion years old. It is still exactly what I need. The merging between the thirst and the water, between the body and the universe, is instant and perfect. The same goes for hunger and good food;
      – every breath in and out is the ultimate proof of support and understanding;
      – every input of the senses, especially of natural sources, the warmth of the sun, the freshness of rain, the caress of the wind, the freezing cold of winter, the sound of the birds;
      – a look into Debbie’s eyes – or into the eyes of our little dog – and knowing they share the same understanding;
      – the entire functioning of the body, 99% of which is not even known to my so called consciousness;
      – in the evening, the light dims and the body grows tired. These are perfectly synchronized by nature;
      – lying down, the eyes close and sleep comes. No one knows the moment of falling asleep, only the body knows and it knows best;
      – and the cycle starts again.

      Now, if that doesn’t produce an overwhelming feeling of being understood and supported, being completely accepted, by reality, I don’t know what could or what I would need more. It would be unrequited love not to see this. This understanding is completely free, immediate, unconditional, always available, it needs no words or any activity of the mind. There is no price to pay. The only thing I have to do for this is: not getting in the way. It always was and never goes.

      As long as we are in the body, we can tap into this understanding by just realizing it and being still. Beyond the body, we are equal to it. It completely dwarfs anything words could ever provide.

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