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      Bailey Vincent

      Hello, forum friends. My name is Bailey. It’s nice to meet you…… 

      Just kidding. But seriously, it feels as if I have been gone for decades (though it was really just last Tuesday), as I have actually been in and out of the hospital all week. I guess it goes to show that having forum moderators with CF or atypical CF means you get the “authentic experience”, right?

      My experience was intense this past week. I was actually set to go back in hospital today, by accepting a bed on the CF floor so we could continue to help me through this bout of (seemingly) kidney stone + infection + pancreatitis. However, I really turned a corner over the weekend after “starving it out” for a couple of days, and will likely let the bed go to someone else, while remembering that next time: I should make the long drive to CF clinic instead of dealing with local hospitals and suffering-it-out at home.

      However, my “attacks” were so severe, that I didn’t think I could make it that far in a car at the time they were happening.

      So, I guess my question today might be fairly obvious but:

      When you’re in true PAIN, what type of person are you:

      1. A groan/moaner (a vocalizer)

      2. A deep breather + “Don’t Touch Me”

      3. A “please rub my back and hold my hand” toucher 


      Turning lemons into forum questions today… Play along?

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      Jenny Livingston

      I’m rarely 1, most often 2, and occasionally 3.  Randy, my partner, is very much a combination of 1 and 3.

      It’s taken us a while to learn what the other wants and needs when they are sick or in pain. I couldn’t understand why he was so touchy-feely when I was struggling and just wanted to be left alone, but I eventually realized it’s because that’s what he’d want in that situation.

      We’ve heard of love languages, and comforting a loved one in pain is indeed part of loving them, but I feel like we could write a book about specific pain languages.

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