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  • Your Week: Goods? Bads? Betweens?

    Posted by bailey-anne-vincent on April 16, 2021 at 11:32 am

    My week has been a bit of a wild ride.

    I left this weekend to “move” to my friend’s home to cat sit while she was out of town. This means my girls and I were living a tiny “vacation” in a new space, even though I admit I was a little stressy about my current work load and my continued surgical recovery. Being around her loving animals- 4 cats and fish!- was definitely a High of the Week.

    Mid-week, however, we had to shift and drive out of state to a specialist I need to see for my colon (or lack thereof) and this meant shelling out for gas and travel expenses, since my doctors felt it was worth the haul. Even though I’ll save the details for another time, the long car ride and time away from home [when my stomach is this sick] felt unusually stressful. I normally love to travel so… What is wrong with me?

    Now, once we’ve returned home and packed for a day, we are about to leave for a week with my absolute best friend- coming all the way from Boston- though I’ll miss my own bed and animals all the more.

    She is doubly vaccinated and so am I, but we are still avoiding humans and “bubble
    -ing” away from crowds to an extreme level.
    So extreme, in fact, that the place she rented is miles down the beach with no road!

    Question: What are some Highs and Lows of YOUR week? Just checking in to see how it went and how you are.

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  • paul-met-debbie

    April 18, 2021 at 10:53 am

    Nothing is wrong with you, you are just tired which, given the bad things you have been handling lately, is only normal. Time and rest will do you a lot of good.

    We had a normal week, which is good. Driving along in the car quite a bit, fixing some little things on it and enjoying every moment (see my latest Sunday Morning post).

    My mother in law and her partner both had their first pfizer-jab and so did my elder sister and her husband, all without any side-effects to mention fortunately. They are all 70+ so it’s their turn now on the jabbing list.

    We are still on the waiting list I suppose, in the Netherlands they have designed a fairly incomprehensible order of jabbing and changed that many times over, in which cf patients seem to be falling in no special category whatsoever (unless transplanted). Even young super-healthy olympic sporters have managed to get a preferential position – really! Not that we mind this very much, because we still are quite hesitant about opting for a 65% effective shot like Janssen/Johnsson or AstraZeneca, both of them being stopped now because of worries concerning a small thrombosis-risk. So currently they only use up the small supply of Pfizer on the sporters and hospital staff and we have to wait until further notice about the safety of the other vaccines or new deliveries by Pfizer. So we still happily rely on social distancing and ffp2 masks if necessary, which is no luxury since contamination rates are very high here, with about 8000 daily infections going on (on a 17 million population that is quite an impressive score). Some of the Dutch are sort of an unruly bunch you know. Talking a lot, we have only managed to jab 3 million so far, in almost 4 months. Most of them only had their first shot. This is not Bhutan, one of the so called less developed countries in the world, where they managed to jab their entire population in a few weeks – Wow! The vaccines were donated by India – Wow again!

    I have just finished my Sunday Morning column (no 7) which is great and now I am going to the kitchen, prepare an Italian dish with a lot of garlic in it! You can decide for yourself whether this is good, bad or inbetween.

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