Work that Works - a Column by Elly Aylwin-Foster


Elly Aylwin-Foster (yes, folks, that’s what an Anglican-Celtic name looks like) is a writer and communications strategist with cystic dibrosis and CF-related diabetes. She lives in Cambridge, U.K., with her partner and two cats, Mack and April. She is partial to a good hike, coffee, yoga, and dreams of life out in the open.

Can We Take a Minute to Rest?

Reader, I am tired. I don’t need to explain how that feels to those who have cystic fibrosis (CF), but for the benefit of others, I will. It’s a kind of tiredness that halves my normal walking pace. It leaves me reaching for words…

The Isolation of Self-employment Is Worse with CF

Loneliness is a killer. It’s perhaps not something those of us with life-limiting physical conditions spend much time thinking about. But the statistics are convincing. In the U.K., women aged 18-24 are at high risk of loneliness. Those suffering from loneliness are more likely…

Taking to the Skies with Cystic Fibrosis

The gentleman in front of me is held up. An unsmiling, uniformed official calls him to one side with a brisk gesture. We exchange worried glances. The beeping intensifies and I start to perspire. I’m up next. My bag clinks with small, powdered vials and syringes. In my…

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