After Trikafta, I’m Struggling to Redefine My Online Persona

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by Wendy Caroline |

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Social media is a strange and fickle web of predetermined, or accidental, personas.

I used to be very active on social media, with the intent of spreading awareness of cystic fibrosis. It was easy to do because it was taking over my life. There was never a shortage of doctors’ appointments, test results, hospitalizations, and new treatments to post about. Blog posts were easy to write, given my constant health updates.

Now that my days aren’t as consumed by medical drama, I have a hard time finding my online persona. Don’t get me wrong. I have several hobbies and interests outside of cystic fibrosis (too many if you ask my friends and family). It’s more a matter of social media valuing those that have profound thoughts and stories. I was valued for my cystic fibrosis advocacy.

There is still advocacy work to be done to provide adequate treatment and resources to everyone with CF. It would be silly to ignore that. However, my piece in that puzzle looks different now. I have benefited from recent therapies, while access and compatibility have denied the same privilege to others.

There are certainly parts of my health that I struggle with, even after Trikafta (and some as the result of Trikafta). However, they seem inconsequential compared with what I was experiencing before.

So, here I sit as a dog trainer, a world traveler, a food lover, a writer, a photography hobbyist, and a musician, not knowing which niche to foster my persona in. I wonder: Does it even matter? Cystic fibrosis advocacy felt like a mission. There was a goal. Sharing my hobbies and life with the world simply for the sake of existing online seems so arbitrary.

The ironic part is that I love following other accounts where people post about their everyday lives. So why should I feel differently about myself? Perhaps there’s fear that the change won’t be accepted, or maybe I need time to wrestle with the change myself. Until I figure it out, you can catch me sharing cute pictures of my dogs from time to time on their Instagram.

In the end, I feel like I’ve needed time to rediscover myself. Life-altering events will do that to a person. Between that and the pandemic, I have been fairly quiet on social media. I don’t have anything hugely profound to end this column with. It was more of a therapeutic stream of thoughts. I do hope that it helps anyone who is struggling to figure out their online presence post-Trikafta.


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Gisele F Lapointe

I so wish my daughter had been around to experiment with Trikafta. Maybe she would still be around, but she passed away at the age of 43 after a lobar transplant.
I wish you well. Enjoy your life.

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still no Trikafta in Canada. Government has not approved it for use. Seems criminal?

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Paul & Debbie

This is a wise decision to take time to rediscover yourself. Maybe you will find out that who you really are, has nothing to do with finding a persona. It is not to be found in any identification with the body, a disease, a mission or the world outside. Try not to find another persona, any identification will wear out after a while and you will not find yourself in it. Go deeper. You are much more than the sumtotal of your thoughts, feelings, experiences and conditioning. Now you are no longer distracted by the daily thoughts of cf, try to find out who you really are. There is so much freedom and happiness to be found in that process. Best of luck!


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