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I’ve found that one of the most fulfilling things I can do in this life is to work toward a better world. It’s why I wrote a column a few weeks ago about building a diverse coalition: The more diverse a coalition working for a better world is, the better the world is for more people.

When it comes to our beliefs, it’s fair to assume they don’t always align with one another. That’s OK. We don’t always need to agree. But it’s critical that we make an attempt to hear others out in a genuine way with the goal of working together toward a shared goal.

Unfortunately, this isn’t easy. There will be times when it feels like we’re wrong or working for something unattainable or difficult. Life will be difficult at times, and it can be hard to stay confident or motivated about the task at hand.

For cystic fibrosis, the hope for a cure keeps tens of thousands of people — scientists, doctors, patients, and parents — up at night. There’s no debate that curing CF will be a cumbersome task. It’s the Holy Grail of medicine and science. But we must aim to achieve even the most difficult goals. It’s what we have to do.

We have to realize that what we have today — modulators, kids with CF growing up to become parents, personalized research— seemed like a pipe dream a few decades ago. The achievements are the products of millions of dollars and countless hours of research. And they will beget further achievements.

I’ve been writing this column for a year and a few months. In that time, so much has changed for the CF community. The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation has announced an infection initiative, their plan for curing CF, Trikafta, and dozens of other scientific achievements. I’ve also seen my writing begin to have an influence that I wouldn’t have expected a year ago. I’ve even spoken at a conference and on Capitol Hill this year!

My experience and progress are a testament that there is beauty even in the darkest of times. We can make progress when we’re struggling. When my sister died a year and a half ago, I never thought I’d feel remotely whole again. I don’t know if I feel whole now, but I do know that I feel optimistic and excited about the many projects I’m working on. I’d say the most important one is that I feel optimistic about a better world. That’s a fulfilling sentence to type. Let’s build it together.

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