Thanks to My Transplant, I Can Dream About the Future

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I never really dreamed about my future until after my double-lung transplant in 2017. My friends who are also transplant recipients inspire me to dream bigger as we navigate this new world together.

Although it’s been over four years, dreaming can still feel risky. But the more time that passes, the more daring I become. I’m still adjusting to the new normal of being able to rely on my health.

Prior to my transplant, I often made tentative plans. I tried to be dependable, but my body wouldn’t cooperate. I felt tremendously guilty because I couldn’t consistently work, spend time with friends, or accomplish my goals. When I agreed to something, I prayed I could follow through, but I always dreaded a health interruption.

This translated into me putting my dreams on hold. Before transplant, I could barely breathe or function. I didn’t have the energy to plan beyond the present moment.

Now, as I cautiously trust in the stability of my health, it’s exciting to think bigger and plan for the future.

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Working as a mental health counselor again has been a huge step. I’m also able to write my book, serve in my church, and strategize business plans. These possibilities feel surreal.

Transplant recipients can dream about a future that many of us were told wouldn’t exist, because death no longer feels as imminent. This new lease on life results in radical changes and provides us with cautious hope.

Our conversations have changed since our transplants. I get to listen to my friends‘ hopes and dreams. Some are going back to college. Others are starting businesses. A few are writing books. Several are traveling with no inhibition. I’m in awe of their valiance and excited for them to realize the dreams they’ve held in their hearts for so long.

A few friends and I meet on Zoom every week to work on our books together. Writing and sharing our stories with the world is therapeutic. We talk about how we’ve moved beyond survival mode and now have the energy to live. Our individual journeys are different, but we’ve all undergone major transformations.

Walking this journey together reminds us that we’re not alone. It’s an honor to witness each person’s unique talents and watch their dreams come alive.

I’m so proud of my friends for all they’ve overcome. I love the way they light up when they talk about their hopes and plans for the future. Their boldness encourages me to dream big, too.

I’m grateful to be able to look ahead to new opportunities on the horizon. Doing so alongside dear friends is a rare and beautiful gift.

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