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      Bailey Vincent

      I wrote on my Instagram yesterday about trying to fundraise for my inclusive dance company for the chronically ill (in order to make our next retreat possible in any way), and I ended up accruing one of those classic inter web comments of: “Google medical medium. I hope that can cure you!” The comment was kind. The person was well-meaning. I in no way was offended by the intent or someone taking the time to try to help someone else. Still…. How do you feel about these types of comments or suggestions, generally, in regards to your actual health routine?

      I definitely don’t think that medicine has everything figured out, nor am I above the more holistic, natural approach (I could actually use more of it!)… but the belief that celery juice (so to speak) can “cure” someone (again, so to speak) always irks me a little. I think that balance between both worlds (western medicine and more holistic science) is the ultimate goal.

      What about you?

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      Paul met Debbie

      You are absolutely right. Without being arrogant, I am quite sure that regarding my own body, I am the best possible medium around. Nature made it that way. That is because I am intuitively in direct and im-mediate contact with all the nerve endings in my every cell. No western or holistic doctor can compete with that. That is not to say that celery juice is not benevolent food, like everything pure that nature provides (in the right dose).


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      Jenny Livingston

      Ahh, this is something I struggle with as well! Growing up, I had a mother who was VERY into natural/holistic healing and health management. She had a somewhat negative view of western medicine and thought that natural “medicine” was superior. And when I was young and relatively healthy, it seemed to work well. As I got older and CF wreaked more and more havoc on my body, it became clear that “all natural” was NOT sufficient — I truly needed (and still need) a variety of medications.

      As an adult, I lean MUCH more toward western medication and all the glorious things science has done. But I still try to balance that with supplements and nutrition. I think some conditioning from my childhood remains and I look for ways to naturally heal/support my body as well.

      But you are far more understanding and kind than I am regarding these types of comments. I recently posted about unsolicited advice and how much I hate it! Hah! I should try to be better about accepting those comments as well-meaning and kind. But I find them so annoying!

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